Shelley Whitehead



Shelley has over 12 years experience in education leadership as an organisation leadership consultant and project manager, a leading Governor and winner of Governor of the Year for the West region (2009) and a national finalist for the October 2009 Teaching Awards.  She is an experienced and versatile strategic change manager and governance advisor specialising in innovative partnership development, growth, mergers and acquisitions, organisational change leadership and stakeholder management within Education, the Public sector and the Not-for-Profit sector.

Shelley has been personally responsible for shaping a range of significant and innovative academy partnerships - such as:- initiating the academy partnership between the Diocese of Salisbury and Mott MacDonald; leading the successful development of a number of mixed age and mixed category multi-academy-trusts - the 7 school partnership in Wimborne Dorset, the 4 school Salisbury Plain Academies partnership and the 3 school Magna Learning Partnership both in Wiltshire. Shelley is also actively involved in recruiting senior business executives for non-executive roles at academy trusts, and advises the DfE on academy sponsor development. 

A successful track record of advising non-executive board structures and recruiting senior business executives to academy trust boards as well as market and business development and shared service delivery models experience within Education. Additionally, Shelley has over 25 years commercial business experience in leading successful business change and development for both client and service provider organisations.

Shelley’s experience in developing new multi academy trusts has earnt her an excellent reputation in the sector and she is frequently called upon to help schools and academies explore new partnership opportunities.  She works well across all levels of an organisation, and is well respected as a strong problem solver - dynamic, focused and enthusiastic, prepared to meet and resolve challenges head-on whilst continuously striving for workable business improvements. 

In her personal life Shelley is a strong and committed supporter of mental health charities and support groups working to rigorously challenge commissioners on and improve the quality and availability of services and education for young people experiencing mental health illness. 

Further information on Shelley's extensive experience in the education sector can be found on the Lock House Consulting website.

What clients say about Shelley

"Shelley has worked with us as a consultant since Magna Learning Partnership existed only as a germ of an idea. The journey to our new status as a Multi Academy Trust has been both eventful and challenging; what is certain, however, is that we could not have achieved it without the expert knowledge, support and guidance from Shelley. Her exceptional skills as a leader, facilitator and project manager have ensured our success, whether this has been the preparation of documentation for the DfE and ESFA, the strategic planning necessary to meet the deadlines along the way to conversion or the provision of well-informed advice. In every way Shelley is deserving of our thanks. I have – and would – recommend her to any team aiming to create something new and exciting in education." 

Sarah Busby, 

Executive Headteacher 

Magna Learning Partnership